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Welcome to Trigg Trikes!
We manufacture the finest motorcycle to trike conversion kits on the road today. If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of a trike, you’ve come to the right place. Our attractive, economical conversion kits will help you ride more comfortably and safely. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you out on the road!
  • Comfort: The moment that you attach your Trigg Trikeyou’ll find the ride is smoother. The independent suspension on our two extra wheels takes the bump out of the road. At stoplights and in corners, you’ll no longer wrestle to keep your bike upright. Hook up, hop on and enjoy the ride!
  • Safety: You’ll feel safer on a Trigg Trike. Gravel and other uneven surfaces will be less hazardous to navigate. Wind won’t push you around anymore. Rain will be much less dangerous to ride in.
  • Convenience. Minutes. That’s all it takes to attach the Trigg Trike to your motorcycle. Your Trigg Trike can also be equipped with our electrically powered reverse drive motor (EM1). With the EM1, you won’t have to hop off your bike and push to back up. Just flip a switch and back you go! You can also get the optional trailering rail which eliminates the need for an extra carrier trailer to haul your bike.
  • Style: You’ll look great riding down the road on your Trigg Trike. Our trike conversion kits are designed to compliment the appearance of your motorcycle. You can choose your own trike accessories, to customize the Trigg the way you want it look.

Reasons to Buy a Trigg…
  1. All our frames are bent from one continuous piece of high strength structural tubing, requiring less weld points.
  2. All attachment points are heli-arc welded.
  3. All fasteners are stainless steel.
  4. We use torsion arm suspension with bump stop technology. This design provides a much smoother ride with less road noise and vibration.
  5. All our kits come standard with a fiberglass body giving it a more finished appearance.
  6. We use 15” wheels. The larger size causes less wear and provides a better ride.
  7. Our kit can be attached to most any motorcycle without altering the motorcycle.
  8. Our kits can be customized to enhance the appearance of your motorcycle (paint, wheels, fender style, tail lights, etc.). It looks like and becomes part of your motorcycle.
  9. Our kit has reverse capabilities for most motorcycles. Please call us about yours.
  10. We have more ground clearance, averaging at least 4 inches.
  11. We have a lifetime warranty on frame integrity and hub assemblies to the original owner.
  12. There are no hidden fees. What you see is what you get!
  13. Kits are tax deductible! Call and ask about it.